TGP's Mission and Beginning

TGP Building Materials was founded in 2015 by Carter Thompson in Tampa, Fl. He was later joined by brother, Alex Thompson, and the two of them have worked to build relationship locally and all over North America to provide the all of the different products and services offered we offer. The company started as a material supplier that would specialize in sustainable materials and grew into to add construction management and design to accompany it’s products.

TGP Building Materials mission is to provide safe and sustainable materials that offer long-term benefits for both the consumer and the environment in which we live. Our products are among the most environmentally sound materials available in the world and offer benefits that will last for generations. We combine our design & engineering expertise along with our sustainable building materials to meet any design criteria and to exceed any building code requirement.



TGP BM is proud to partner with a range of companies that are also invested in providing materials that are safe, reliable and environmentally friendly. Among our key relationships, we have an established an engineering and architecture firm, manufacturers and other firms that help us provide a consistently high level of service that exceed our clients’ expectations.