TGP Building Materials

Helping Build a Better Tomorrow

We have the products, expertise and abilities to elevate your current project to the next level.
Our business is here to push the envelope and usher in a new area of sustainable products and technologies. 


We believe in providing eco-friendly materials that are tested to be better than traditional building materials.

 Will you help us build a better tomorrow for generations to come?

Industries Served

Our focus is to curtail our services to meet the demanding needs of each industry.
We believe that the ability to seamless transition between each industry is paramount to our business ideals.


Our focus in the residential market is to educate and provide the right materials for the home buyer of tomorrow. We work with architects to ensure our material fits your home the way you design. Building safe and sustainable homes is our goal.


The services and products we provide at the commercial level are designed by architects and engineers to ensure that our material fits exactly what the client needs. We have anti-microbial, fire-rated and many more product options to meet any design criteria. 


Our network of engineers and architects have designed several industrial facilities and understand the importance of work flow and efficiency. That same team is responsible for providing the details and specifications to meet any industrial application.